Collecting Assessments
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Knowledgeable Assistance For Collections-Related Issues

Collecting assessments is a matter of fairness to the association as a whole and to all those who do pay their assessments. Free riders are not acceptable, but enforcing assessments involves time-consuming and exasperating work.

Already-overworked boards and property managers, however, receive and respond to hundreds of emails and other association-related matters every day. Collections-related matters should not be included in that workload.

Helping You Reach An Effective Resolution

For this reason, we provide our clients with a hands-free approach to collections issues. We know that our boards and property manager clients do not need another employee to manage. They want a partner who can take on the collections load and get timely results in a cost-effective manner with the least possible supervision (and preferably none).

Barsalou & Associates, PLLC, offers comprehensive collections services to our homeowners and condominium association clients with respect to the following matters:

  • Collecting maintenance assessments
  • Drafting demand letters and other collections correspondence
  • Liens
  • Collections lawsuits
  • Foreclosures
  • Evictions
  • Bankruptcy of a resident
  • Monthly status reports

Our clients entrust their collection matters to us, knowing that we will take all legal steps necessary to quickly and economically collect the fees needed to finance the association’s operations. As experienced homeowners association and condominium association collections counsel, we already understand the complicated legal pitfalls, state and federal, that are involved in collecting assessments.

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Discuss your matter with an experienced Texas HOA assessment collections lawyer: 713-396-3871. You can also make an appointment by contacting us online to schedule an initial consultation.