Deed Restrictions Enforcement

A Seasoned Deed Restrictions Enforcement Law Firm

Protecting the value of the residences in a homeowners association involves property managers and board members in any manner of legal controversies. Perhaps no area of controversy more riles other homeowners than when one member of the association decides to behave in a way that threatens the property value of the entire neighborhood. But there are ways to enforce the neighborhood’s “rules of the road” and prevent the decline of residential value.

Barsalou & Associates, PLLC, understands how to protect the value that people have invested in their residences. We have more than 30 years of experience in using the law to protect and promote community associations and condominium associations.

Ensuring That Rules Are Observed

As busy as property managers and board members are, they do not need another item to manage, whether it is a disagreeable homeowner or a lawyer who lacks the experience needed to handle something as legally complicated as the enforcement of deed restrictions.

At Barsalou & Associates, PLLC, we do have the necessary experience. Therefore, we provide our clients with hands-free legal representation. We know how to enforce deed restrictions in a timely and cost-effective manner without having to receive close minute-to-minute instruction from our clients.

Our services encompass the entire scope of representation with respect to HOA enforcement issues:

  • Enforcing deed or use restrictions
  • Demand letters
  • Lawsuits
  • Injunctions
  • Court orders enforcing deed restrictions and land use controls in every type of neighborhood and against every kind of violation
  • Representing homeowners associations before every district court in Harris, Fort Bend and Galveston counties, the Texas Courts of Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court
  • Obtaining and enforcing court orders forcing unwilling homeowners to follow the deed restrictions
  • Collecting on the attorney’s fees incurred in enforcing the deed restrictions
  • Dealing with every type of enforcement problem from exotic animals to tractor-trailer trucks
  • Working with the architectural control committee or the board to control construction and to maintain an architecturally consistent neighborhood

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